New Things

· A sneak peak at new apps I am working on...

Almost ready for the AppStore...

Native mobile is tricky, but touch gestures provide great affordances.

We chose to go with React on this project in order to ship a truely native product. We are pretty pleased with the results so far.

I worked a lot to get the entire app to feel tactile and playful using spring physics on this project.

Still lots of work to do before public beta!

Also putting up a rough early navigation concept test for the fun of it!

Movement is a dialogue

Q: How do you make a delightful tracker app?

A: Exquisite detail.

Animation is a UX dance with the user—too much and you distract your partner—but just enough and you thrill them!

One of the challenges on this project was putting character to the otherwise solid material design foundation we chose to go with. But that will be for later...

Butter-smooth on mobile!

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